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Travel to Moldova and have Fun

With everything that is happening in the world, Moldovan tourism has managed to establish interesting camping places for all Moldovan enthusiasts.

For those who want to feel free to travel around, to breathe in the fresh morning air, to enjoy the wonderful sights that Moldova has to offer, to observe the night sky or to eat directly from on the outside grill, you see some of the locations that have everything to offer.

"Duruita, cave camping", located about 200 km from Chisinau to the north of the country. Near the shore of the Costești-Stanca reservoir. The region has a great tourist potential for hiking and camping, along with other family activities.

"Valea O Suta de Movile" consists of about 3,500 ancient mounds, an ideal environment for camping, which will allow you to fully enjoy the sights of the outdoors.

The Prut River, the second largest river in Moldova. The river is calm, the valley - wide, the shores - short, very beautiful due to the rocks near the Prut and the many picturesque gorges. It is an ideal place for fishing, kayaking and other outdoor activities, as well as for outdoor relaxation for lovers of rural tourism.

Camping Bacota, located on the rocks while revealing an unforgettable view over the river Răut. Here you will be able to see an amazing panorama over the villages of Butuceni and Trebujeni.

"Plaiul Fagului" scientific reservation. The reserve was founded in 1992 and has an area of ​​5642 ha, representing an area with a protective role for a forest-representative ecosystem, perfect for fishing enthusiasts.

The Lower Prut Scientific Reserve is a protected area located at the bottom of the Prut River, including Lake Beleu and its surroundings, in southwestern Moldova.

The village of Pohrebea, located on the left bank of the Dniester, perfect for camping while enjoying the sunset and sunrise on the Dniester.

These are just some of the campsites in Moldova. Now it's time to dump her and move on.


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