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I define epigenetics, and explain why they will help you take charge of your health.

0:00 Discover epigenetics to take charge of your health
1:40 The environment your genes are in determine whether they turn on (express) or off
2:15 Here are some environmental factors that influence the expression of your genes

In this video, I’ll define epigenetics in simple terms, and explain why epigenetics can help you take charge of your health. You’re going to hear a lot more about this; it’s a very exciting field. I’ll explain.

You have genes, which are small sections of your DNA. DNA is the blueprint instructions for building a body. DNA is a double strand. It’s copied to single-strand RNA, which goes outside the nucleus of the cell and to a protein factory that makes body tissue. A section of your DNA is a gene.

Think of the genes on DNA as a compact disc (CD). On a CD you have songs, the artist, and the playlist in a certain order. Another example is sheet music for a piano. There are notes in a specific sequence. In other words, the instructions for how to create a particular song.

In the CD example, you need something to play the CD. That’s epigenetics. Epigenetics means “above genetics”. DNA isn’t set in stone. Just because you have certain genetics, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s really the epigenetics that determine your gene expression. That is, it’s the environment the genes are in that triggers whether a certain gene turns on or off. When it’s turned on, it turns into a specific protein to do a specific function.

Some specific factors that influence whether your genes turn on or off are the foods you eat and their nutrients when you eat or don’t eat (fasting), the temperature — whether it’s hot or cold, your stress levels, your sleep, and what kind of exercise you do.

Even your mood, your state of mind, can affect the expression of your genes. So too will your age.

It’s really only one percent of genetics that differentiate us from someone else. This is important to understand. You’re in charge of your DNA (and your health). You’re not as much at the mercy of your genes as you may think, thanks to epigenetics.

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Epigenetics is an exciting new field that shows you how to take charge of your health.

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